Brisbane News Magazine Story

My story regarding the Star Wars cosplaying group was one that I had intended to pitch day one, having followed the group for some time previously, however after the other stories on similar topics had been rejected I felt that I should leave it be due to what I thought would be a niche appeal. Nearing the end of the internship however I brought the subject up with the editor of the magazine and found that she was interested, and it was after talking with her about it I found that niche subjects can find wider appeal because of that niche quality rather than despite it. In the end, what needed to change was the angel of the story shifting from my original; “What they are currently doing” to “Look at this strange and amazing thing!”.

After having the story approved I wanted to test myself to see how quickly I could get the story sorted, after being there for almost a week at this point I had seen stories pulled together in a number of hours, rather than the days that was typical for university work. It was this drive that helped me to secure interviews the next day, and a photoshoot and additional interviews the day after. While this was not the ‘same day’ as I had hoped, it was still a massive confidence boost to see that I could work at the pace required of a working newsroom, with the story coming together the next day and only requiring a few additional points after the shoot.

Below is a copy of the final story as submitted.

Star Wars Villains raise money for Pink Stumps

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