Nine News Overview

This section of my portfolio covers my work placement with Nine News. I chose to take the opportunity to intern with Nine News in order to better understand how the largest news network in Australia operates. It was because of this goal that despite going as a journalist, I spent just as much time attempting to learn from editors, producers, news directors, camera operators, and the entire production staff. I went into the internship with this goal so that I would be better equipped to understand the wider media landscape as it stands today to understand what the changes in technology and audience habits are doing to the industry.

During the internship, I was based at the Brisbane studio of the Nine Network. The location provides news coverage for most of south-east Brisbane following the closure of the Ipswich office. Due to the wide area, the studio covers it was an incredible opportunity to see how a wide range of stories are produced.

Over the course of the week with Nine News, I was given the opportunity to work on stories that previously I might not have considered interesting, giving me a taste of just how prepared a journalist must be. Not only was it eye-opening to see the variation in stories that had to be worked on, but it was also incredible to watch and to learn about the pace at which they are produced. At the beginning of my placement, I was completely taken off guard at the speed at which the newsroom operates, while I have had previous experience in online and print publications, television news was a whole new level. By the end of the internship I felt that I was getting to grip with this speed, however, as near the end of the internship I was able to transition from simply shadowing journalists into actually contributing; assisting with research (Both in field and back at the studio), take part in interviews, and even contribute to the writing of a journalists script.

Overall my time with the Nine News team was an incredible opportunity that has not only better equip me to be a journalist producing video content but also showed me the technical skills and elements I need to work on independently to improve going forward.

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