Brisbane News Magazine Overview

This section of my portfolio covers my internship with the Brisbane News Magazine, a free print publication produced under the Courier Mail. This internship interested me as while the role of the physical newspaper may be dwindling, studies have shown that people are still interested in physical news, just now in a magazine form (Similar to that of the Economist, Time, National Review, Vogue.)

My time with the Brisbane News Magazine had me shadowing photographers and photojournalists collecting images for the publication, researching interesting locals for features, and ultimately pitching and writing stories for publication. During the internship, I developed a better understanding of how to write for intended audiences as previously this has been a struggle of mine. This skill was put to the test in the articles I wrote as I had to somehow convey typically “nerdy” subject matter to an intended demographic that I had previously never written for. This coupled with the incredible tips and advice I received from the photographers I shadowed on how to better work with subjects and take shots while out in the public space was invaluable.

During this internship, I was unable to produce a great deal of published content, this was due in part to my own decisions on who to shadow and the skills I hoped to take away from the work placement (namely my interest in the photojournalists/photographers as well as the actual development of the Magazine for both digital and physical publication) and the time it took for me to adequately wrap my head around the target audience. Due to my previous experiences talking and writing for groups far closer to my own personal life, writing for an audience that was completely detached from my own world was something that took some time getting use to and was, much to my surprise, my greatest take away from the internship. This new skill, coupled with the new confidence and tips taken from the photographers, made my time with the Brisbane News Magazine team incredibly worth while.

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