42474167_10156749653072090_4117831463049625600_oI am a Sydney based Journalist, photographer, videographer, and all-around technophile.

I have recently completed my Bachelor of Journalism and have moved on to a Masters of Advanced Journalism.

During my degree, I focused on the way that people communicate across cultures and countries using new technology, because of this my minors were Australian International Relations and Islam-West Relations.

Personally, I am driven by the changes in technology and I’m a big believer that thanks to the internet and a wave of innovation Journalism in one of its most challenging times can be reimagined and reinvigorated. It’s because of this that I choose to focus my abilities on new forms of storytelling, using images, video, and now podcasting to publish my work.

I am also a big believer that journalism should pride itself on being at the cutting edge, learning and utilising new technology in order to educate and inform. It is also through new technology that I believe that journalism will be able to slay the dragons that stand before it, namely the attacks to its credibility, its balance, and its ability to make enough money to survive.

This site holds much of the work I have completed during my studies, both personal stories, articles, and blog pieces, as well as work that I have completed for assessment and during internships.